Boston Strong Music Project



After seeing the media coverage of the Boston Marathon I was clearly shocked at the tragedy of the day. As someone who respects the Patriot’s Day tradition and as someone who has run the race, I just couldn’t believe what I was viewing on the TV screen. The sights and sounds of the day, the support of so many and the pain of those who were directly affected by the bombs is burned into the collective consciousness of the country. For days I watched as the story unraveled and then the song writer within me kicked in. The song ‘From Boston’s Streets’ is what was written. I’m proud to be on the Boston Strong Music Project and hope that in some small way the project can ease the pain of those that were in harms way.

***Nearly 2 years later it is new media coverage that keeps the song going.  Below is a link to a Finnish TV Station that was doing a report on the bombing.  Check out the newscast that went out to the Scandinavian ence about the Boston Marathon lasts but 2 minutes but at about the 1 minute mark you may ecognize the music...and the guy performing.