Boston Strong Music Project

After seeing the media coverage of the Boston Marathon I was clearly shocked at the tragedy of the day. As someone who respects the Patriot’s Day tradition and as someone who has run the race, I just couldn’t believe what I was viewing on the TV screen. The sights and sounds of the day, the support of so many and the pain of those who were directly affected by the bombs is burned into the collective consciousness of the country. For days I watched as the story unraveled and then the song writer within me kicked in. The song ‘From Boston’s Streets’ is what was written. I’m proud to be on the Boston Strong Music Project and hope that in some small way the project can ease the pain of those that were in harms way.

This compilation was created by the musicians of Boston for the people of Boston to bring hope back to our city through music. Some songs were pre recorded and donated by artists while others were recorded live at the 88.9 WERS studio at Emerson College. All of the songs are specifically designed to provide hope and to help all of those affected by the recent tragedies in our city.

At Hold on Another Day, the mission is to connect people and causes, through music. We believe that music is power and has the ability to heal us, even through the most tragic events. We invite you to donate what you can and download this mix to connect with the emotions these musicians put into their songs.

All proceeds will be donated to One Fund Boston to support the victim's families. We truly believe that listening to these songs can help you find strength and peace. Please help us achieve our goal of helping others "Hold on another Day!"

The digital compilation can be ordered from: